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          Ji Yi Machinery Exhibitors in 2017 the 5th Inner Mongolia (Mongolia) International Agricultural


            Jiayi Machinery Exhibition 2017 the 5th Inner Mongolia (Mongolia East) International Agricultural Machinery Fair, Booth No. B Hall T14A, welcome friends to visit our friends, cooperation! Time: August 17 to August 19.


            Inner Mongolia (Mongolia) International Agricultural Machinery Fair (referred to as "Mengdong Agricultural Machinery Exhibition") is the Inner Mongolia Mengdong area (including Chifeng, Tongliao, Xilin Gol League, Hing'an, Hulun Buir five city) the only professional brand of agricultural activities, since 2013 Since its inception in June, with its professional mode of operation, a huge scale of the exhibition, frequent spot transactions, attentive service by the Inner Mongolia and its exhibitors and distributors throughout the country and farmers, cooperatives praise and favor! Exhibition started four years, the cumulative number of exhibitors to more than 1,000, the number of visitors exceeded 10 million, the cumulative turnover of up to 680 million yuan.
            2017 is the implementation of the "thirteen five" plan an important year, but also to promote the agricultural supply side of the structural reform of the deepening of the year, do a good job in agriculture and animal husbandry work. 2017 The 5th "Mengdong Agricultural Machinery Exhibition" will conscientiously implement the spirit of the National Conference on Agricultural Mechanization Work, actively implement the 2019 Inner Mongolia agricultural mechanization work points, and actively change the agricultural development mode, optimize the equipment structure, improve the quality of development, the construction of green agriculture and animal husbandry , Agriculture and animal husbandry supply side of the reform to provide agricultural machinery equipment, technical support and service support, with outstanding achievements to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, to meet the party's victory held in the nineteenth.

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