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          Pneumatic diaphragm pump flow size adjustment

          Pneumatic diaphragm pump with its simple and multi-channel control flow size advantages, generally through two ways to achieve flow control:

          1, by controlling the intake air pressure (air source) pressure to adjust the intake pressure, in other conditions remain unchanged, the pressure and the diaphragm pump outlet flow is proportional to the size.

          2, by adjusting the outlet pump valve outlet valve valve opening degree can also complete the export flow adjustment.

          And in the actual operation by adjusting the size of the inlet air pressure to adjust the flow of choice, this adjustment is the most simple, but also to ensure the number of pump life and energy consumption.

          With a compressed air supply, the general pneumatic diaphragm pump start gas source 0.2mpa, the maximum working pressure of 0.7mpa (not more than 0.7mpa, in order to avoid long and high strength use to shorten the life of the diaphragm), then in this pressure range Can be installed in the air inlet, the air inlet before the installation of air filter regulator, with a pressure regulator to adjust the appropriate air pressure, when the pressure is greater, the column within the diaphragm movement faster, the greater the flow , While the pressure to reduce the diaphragm movement slowed down, the flow is also reduced. And because the diaphragm pump is not a metering pump, it can not accurately control the flow size, and can not replace the metering pump, can only play a control flow size.

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