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          Whether the seeder accessories need to be selected

          Now most of the agricultural production process, more of the use of the mechanized operations, then we use more of the planter, but when we use the planter, he found that he has a lot of seeder accessories, we are Do you have to choose the original sowing machine accessories for the selection of these sowing machine accessories?

          In fact, we are in the selection of seeding machine parts, most of the manufacturers will still recommend the original selection, because it is from its material or from his run to look at the words, of course, choose the original will have some benefits, But in general the original planter accessories are relatively expensive, many people feel less cost-effective, in fact, for some of the main accessories, the best choice of original, some of the small accessories with other brands choose not much relationship.

          So we are not for the sowing machine accessories to choose the original, or according to the actual situation to choose, this is not sure to determine him, we use the process, if you think which accessories are very important then Choose the original, some do not want to choose the other.

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