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          Pneumatic diaphragm pump how to choose the valve body

          In the use of pneumatic diaphragm pump process, there is a very need to pay attention to the problem: the size of the diaphragm pump flow can be adjusted, so in the course of the use of which there will be a special body to adjust. So when the valve body selection, should pay attention to what the problem?

          We know that there are some companies in the use of diaphragm pumps, which in use, there are a lot of the use of raw materials, and then through the diaphragm pump transport process, it has a certain corrosive. So for this kind of business, it is the valve body selection, in addition to asking him to have a certain degree of corrosion resistance, the structure of the more simple the better, then the impact on him will be smaller.

          In addition to some enterprises, he may need to transport the material, which contains relatively more impurities. Then the choice of the valve body, it should choose his condition ability is relatively large, then for his overall anti-blocking ability, you can have some help. So it is not to say that in the process of selecting the valve body, we can use any of the same range can be the same choice. We must according to his actual operation, to choose, in order to meet their entire pump, in the machine running process, you can use the normal.

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