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          Taizhou jjiyi auspicious machinery plant located in a developed economy, convenient transportation, private enterprises build open coastal city -- Taizhou. Is a professional engaged in security machinery R & D, manufacturing, sales as one of modern enterprises. The company was founded in 1999, after years of search, has accumulated rich production experience.

                The company has a number of high-quality scientific research personnel and management team, to focus on the diaphragm pump research and development, learning from advanced foreign technology on the basis of constant innovation, formed to Geely, Li family name brand of a variety of models of diaphragm pump series, products sold at home and abroad, by the user trust, for many years been rated as the national product quality supervision and spot checks of qualified enterprises. The company always adhere to the "quality survival, reputation and development" business philosophy, the use of scientific management mode and advanced production testing equipment, and continuously forge ahead, constructing a comprehensive marketing network, and strive to improve customer service services, and actively build diaphragm pump industry well-known brands.

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          TaiZhou JiYi Machinery CO., LTD
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